s used by arms engravers, the word ENGRAVE means the cutting of a design or motif into metal with a chisel or graver. It is not used to describe the decoration of non-metal objects such as wood, ivory, stone, or horn. These items are carved, scrimshawed or sculpted. Firearms and edged weapons decorated with mass production methods such as roll stamping, acid etching, or photo etching are often incorrectly referred to as "engraved." In some cases this improper use of arms technology is due to a lack of knowledge, but sometimes it is a deliberate attempt to deceive the potential purchaser. The Jeff Flannery Engraving Company uses only chisel or graver on any work we represent as engraving.

very firearm or edged weapon engraved by The Jeff Flannery Engraving Company valued at over $1000 comes with a signed and sealed Certificate of Engraving and Appraisal.

Jeff standing in front of his studio.

Jeff in the machine shop.

Jeff in his studio studying engraving design.